Since I’m currently freelance, I spend a lot of time lugging around my laptop so I’m always looking for the best (and most stylish!) way to protect it when I’m out and about. At the moment I’ve settled for a rather plain and practical laptop sleeve, but I’m thinking of investing in one of these eye-catching replacements:

1. Lucky Brand do some great laptop cases that come with built-in carry handles, so you don’t have to find space in your handbag. This one is available from Macy’s for $89.

2. For those with money to burn, you could do worse than this chic case from Diane Von Furstenberg, £112 from Matches.

3. I’m loving the simplicity of this hand-stencilled jute sleeve from LetterBoxCo. It’s only $25 and eco-friendly to boot.

4. I’m a sucker for this cute elephant print sleeve, $25.99 from Bertie’s Closet on Etsy.

5. Orla Kiely is my go-to for classic design and long-lasting quality. This climing stem laptop sleeve (£80) is an investment that will last.