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This is my last Tumblr post! I’ve moved to Blogger, so if you’re reading via RSS you’ll need to delete the old feed for Living Longingly and subscribe to the new one, which is: http://www.livinglongingly.com/feeds/posts/default. You can also see the blog’s new look and my latest posts here!

Here’s to all the sporadic blogging to come - I hope you’ll stick around!

Image: Helen | Living Longingly

Orla Kiely's new Method line | livinglongingly.com

Have you seen the new Orla Kiely product range for Method? I just spotted these beauties over on Apartment Therapy and was instantly smitten - they’d look the business in my white kitchen. Unfortunately it looks like the line is US-only, but I’m hoping they’ll still be available when I’m in San Francisco next month. On a side note, there seems to be a growing amount of disdain in the AT community for Orla’s products and lots of commenters are saying that they’re sick of seeing her patterns everywhere. I’m certainly not done with this trend yet, but I’d be interested to hear what you think… are these designs heading the same way as Keep Calm and Carry On posters?

Image: Janel Laban

Do you have any pretty bakeware? Mine is very boring, but I’m drawn to the bright patterns on these vintage dishes and bowls by Pyrex. Unfortunately today’s designs aren’t as playful, but you can still find originals on Etsy and Ebay (and probably in the back of your gran’s kitchen cupboards, if you’re lucky).

Vintage Pyrex | livinglongingly.com
Images (clockwise from top left): Old Vintage GoodiesThe Habbits of RabbitsDipper VintageKitchen Culinaria

Since I haven’t got any of the real stuff, I’m eyeing up the floral storageware at Fishs Eddy. I also snapped up a couple of patterned glasses from the new GODTA and IDEELL ranges at IKEA. My kitchen is looking brighter already!

IKEA GODTA series | livinglongingly.com

Image: Helen | Living Longingly

Easy strawberry shortcake | livinglongingly.com

Here’s an idea for a decadent dessert, or an easy afternoon tea snack. I’ve been craving strawberry shortcake recently, but didn’t really fancy baking the actual shortcakes or whipping cream (lazy but true). Instead, I came up with this idea: grab some shortbread biscuits, clotted cream (YUM) and strawberries, and pile them high. Serve with a pot of freshly brewed tea. Boom.

Image: Helen | Living Longingly

Franco Manca, Brixton Village | livinglongingly.com

Whenever I go on a city break, I always start a Google Map with all the places I want to go while I’m there. Later this summer I’m going to San Francisco, and, as always, I’ve been adding to a map now bursting at the seams with restaurants, shops and things to do. It was while I was putting this map together that I realised I should really do something like this for the place where I actually live - London.

Tips from a like-minded blogger often seem much more personalised than those from a travel book or co-worker, and I’ve found guides from What Katie Does and Jordan Ferney’s Oh Happy Day particularly useful when plotting my days in San Francisco. Having said that, I’ve now lived in London for six years and have a long list of favourite restaurants, shops and city tips that I’ve mostly been keeping to myself. My friend Alex has a self-confessed 'awesome' map of his favourite finds in London, and I thought it was about time that I tracked some of mine too - places that I know and love, and others that I can’t wait to try. My mental list is actually quite lengthy now, so it’s probably better that I put it somewhere permanent before I forget anything important. The whole process is actually quite exciting - I’m looking at my own city through the eyes of a tourist again, and every weekend seems like an opportunity to take a mini-holiday!

Creating the London map was my weekend project and there’s a lot on there already - like I said, that’s a whole six years worth of tips. I’ll also be adding to it and linking it up with occasional London-themed posts right here.

My first tip is Franco Manca pizza in Brixton Village, Chiswick and Westfield Stratford. The sourdough bases make this one of my favourite restaurants in London - and the homemade lemonade is pretty good too. At the moment I feel like I could eat there every day - even the simple Margherita pizza is amazing!

Image: Helen | livinglongingly.com